Some Forum Changes (June 2023)

Hi everyone,

I've made a few updates to the forum, which will now promote topics related to telecom, mobile services, cell plans, carriers, etc. These changes are meant to reaffirm the original intent of the Nth Circle Forum, as a place for telecom-focussed community discussion and support:

  • The Telecom category is now the default landing (home) page
  • To view General topics, you can select that category from the sidebar or the dropdown menu
  • The All Topics link will bring up the latest discussions, across all categories

Although general interest discussions have always been allowed here – and the forum remains open to any range of user topics (inoffensive, of course) – I want to reiterate the primary purpose of this website, as a community space for people interested in telecom, mobile services, technologies, plans, deals, etc. This is where this Nth community shines and I encourage everyone to continue sharing your telecom insights and wisdom with the rest of us. I know I've personally benefited from the collective mobile wisdom that Nth members possess, and I hope to continue learning from all of you into the future.

If anyone has feedback on these changes or wants to suggest others, please post your thoughts in Suggestions.