Some crazy N.E. Weather!

The video is about Charlstown, NH, which is maybe ~40 miles from here:
(Be warned the folks you'll hear in it do cuss out of fear & excitement...)

We've had some very destructive wind storms right in our little town during the past few months - but nothing like that, thank goodness !!

Pretty scary video: from the perspective of living in the tornado belt, it seemed like the driver didn't know how to react-- I'm pretty sure I spotted at least 3 opportunities for the driver to turn off and flee 90 degrees to the tornatdo path. At least he did pull over, only to have the pickup pass him & continue straight towards the tornado.

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Greetings KentE !!
That sort of event is almost totally unknown in this region - which may explain the visible level of ignorance...but also=>
Simply put (IMO) that anyone, anywhere would travel TOWARDS such a clearly destructive disturbance after seeing its obvious effects - is not a 'best choice' scenario.

We've had stuff torn to shreds here this year WITHOUT any sort of clearly visible funnel, it is not any sort of a stretch to imagine how much more dangerous one of those can be.

That was what I was thinking about everyone heading right for it especially that pickup. Full speed ahead.

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