So what is next for Karl?

Be a surgical doctor?

Work as a waiter to pay off everyone's remaining top up balance. :wink:


A seat next to his lawyer in a courtroom.

And then---Open a Freemium Cafe with ads covering the walls.:dry:

Analyze the results of the social experiment. :wink:

Wins the lawsuit against Sprint and takes them over.

Based on the track record of getting things right the first time, do you think this would be a good idea?

Law suit then some kind of dialer partnership with a tmobile mvno probably if he can maintain his patent. I might give it a go if he launches again but not sinking any funds in this time!!

I know just about zero except the name Karl Seelig - which I'll certainly remember - and it brings to mind:

There seems to be a type of man that is able to do these sorts of things - over & over.

Once I knew a couple whose husband was such a man - and he always had these brilliant plans - managed to get other folks to throw $$$ his way - always failed after putting on quite a show - then usually relocated the family at quite a distance - and did it all over again - and his failures were always 'not his fault'.
This worked until he ended up in prison, then divorced - he then switched to religion...

I have also been pretty much outright robbed by other folks in different way & times & the single common denominator, looking back - was that they all had some strong religious leanings (I do not though) which they used in making themselves seem pious & truthful when in reality they were anything but.

The only claim I make from such exposures is that it has shown me that I was too trusting in the past, and to be more careful with folks or deals that seem too good to be true.

That is actually exactly why I avoided ringplus for a couple of years after hearing about it - because it was just too far out for me to imagine it was real enough to trust - and it did turn out more or less that way too, but at least we got over 8 months of use out of the $$ it cost us to get.

What did I learn from this ??
To be EVEN more careful nowadays.

The next 'free' cellular service came along with a $29 activation fee, so it was NOT OK - but then it waived the fee and went 100% free - a serious change in status - and thus far is OK.

I don't know about Mr. Seelig & his future plans - but if I catch so much as a hint that he is involved in any company I ever use after what happened at RP, it'll be time to RUN AWAY from whatever it may be !!!

You are so silly. I like karl and will use his phone service again. His patent would expire very soon. Hope that he could use gsm with tmo

If he starts another wireless service I'd still use it if it was cheaper than what I had been using. R+ relied on people paying for extras such as more data or plan upgrades. People didn't HAVE to use their phones as much as they did. We didn't HAVE to keep upgrading to bigger plans and paying more fees. But many of us did. We also didn't HAVE to pay Member+ fees but many of us did. We chose to give R+ money. We didn't have to sign up for service with them. Was he perfect? No, far from it, but many of us got a lot out of the company for little money, and for that I'm grateful.

I don't mind paying for cell phone service as it costs companies money, and there's no way I can convince myself that a company can give that away for free year after year and still manage to pay its bills. I got about 10 months of service from R+ and paid around $200 total (one line ), so $20 a month seems reasonable to me considering how much I use my phone. I don't expect to use gigs of data every month and make phone calls and get texts without forking over any money. So yes if Karl comes up with another wireless service and I'm looking for one, I'd consider his new company as an option just as I'd consider other companies.

My guess is he'll come up with another telecom service but I doubt it will be just like R+, maybe even something for VoIP, although there is already a lot of competition in that market. It's especially hard to compete with Google Voice.

Become the next James Herriot-"All Creatures Great And Small" (BBC) veterinarian :stuck_out_tongue:

"A seat next to his lawyer in a courtroom."

If one reads the Complaint carefully it seems the strategy is not directed to proceeding to trial.

Hi, Mr. Oldbooks1

Good to see that you have arrived here. I have not read the full complaint period; so I'll take your word for it that the strategy is not to go to trial. And I revise my statement to say " A seat next to his lawyer." It is common knowledge that most lawsuits do not go to trial and some are framed with the expectation that they will be settled out of court. It will be interesting to see how this suit plays out. I mentioned this suit to my son who has familiarity with such things, though I doubt he has the time to provide any insights into this particular matter. The assumption that Sprint has much deeper pockets than does R+ would indicate that R+ would not want to go to trial. But what do I know. I found it interesting that "Hungry-Hog" mentioned that Karl's patent will expire soon, which would appear to have an impact on his future.

Don't worry, if your stitches start bleeding you can put in a support ticket, and a nurse will "ping" it for you if you haven't heard anything in five business days. :lol:

"a nurse will "ping" it for you if you haven't heard anything in five business days."

My initial thought was that it might be calendar days in such a case but on reflection, I concluded you are indeed correct since surgeons typically have hospital privileges but maintain their offices elsewhere. On the other hand, perhaps the nurse could ping within five calendar days if the patient were still in the hospital. Then again if the patient were at home no nurse might be involved and the patient might need to self-ping the ER. Indeed it is a very complex matter. Probably one would need to read the Consent Form very carefully and pay the surcharge for the Patient+ option for cases like this.

Good to see you my friend, have missed your thoughtful and humorous comments.!

"... a nurse will "ping" it for you if you haven't heard anything in five business days."

LOLOL!!! Soooo funny!!

Everytime I ping the network, I always think of RingPlus.

Other trigger words:

"Back Channels"
"BBQ Brisket"
"Flash Promo"


R+ cheerleader: "I believe in Karl"

reminds me of:

George W Bush: "I know the human being and fish can coexist peacefully"

Volunteering as a service rep for Ting during the transition ?

It's good to see you here too, Oldbooks1. I appreciate the way you can turn most any topic into an opportunity for learning.