So this is it?

I just got a 112 silver survey. Long time no see.

Does anyone really care what ads are shown? Doubtful. Id say what really matters is the payoff for watching the ads. Who decides the payoff amount for watching any given ad? I can't say for sure, but I tend to believe it's CN and not the ad supplier who decides if an ad pays 1 silver or some other amount. There's no shortage of ads, just silver earned per ad.

There is a general shortage in my area. As well as a shortage of 15 silver ads in particular. Yes CN would determine the silver value but that depends on what the ad supplier will pay them. If the ad supplier will pay 1c an ad then CN are not going to give us 3c obviously.

I'm reasonably certain that the ad providers set a base price (per specific ad) that they pay CellNuvo. CellNuvo almost certainly uses a fixed multiplier to dictate what we see as silver. (No magic here-- it's the way markup works in any business. No business decides a selling price to a customer without considering what their wholesale cost and overhead is.)

CellNuvo can decide what multiplier to use, to best fit there business model at any given time. To that extent, CellNuvo decides the payment we receive for viewing an ad by varying the multiplier.
We all think that the multiplier got 'shrunk' after CN was no longer directly provided cellular service. Personally, I think that that was partially because prior to that, CN could 'double dip' on the arrangement-- they marked up the resale of the ads, and they paid only in cellular service that they could buy in bulk at a discount. (Win/win for those who needed cheap cellular service, since CN's markup on the cellular service seemed lower than most MVNOs anyway.)

There are probably ads where CN screws up the application of the multiplier. There are almost undoubtedly ads that are 'undervalued', by our standards, by the ad supplier.

I agree but no matter what it is ridiculous to pay one silver or 0.1 US penny for a 30 sec video ad. 1 penny for 5 minutes, 10 dollars for 5000 minutes, or 83.3333 hours. You have to spend over 80 hours each month to get your redpocket phone bill paid. Usually we work 40 hours per week. Go figure.

Of course we don't actually watch those ads, but we need to swipe for them and close them. The acts are spread evenly among these 80 hours.

My point is, without those 15 silver ads, hardly worth it.

I just analyze the data. If you call this trolling, I will call you deceiving.


Again, I have 400 golds, I want cellnuvo to succeed.

Call me ishmael

I will call you westlaw

I agree completely. I don't know whether to blame the ad supplier for selling the ads too cheaply, or CN for screwing up the multiplier. Either way, the long video ads with ultra-low payout are not worth the time. They need to be mixed with higher-value ads, or more plentiful surveys, to keep me swiping much. Thankfully, I am seeing a survey or 2 most days, and getting fewer qualification rejections from the pollfish surveys.

I'm okay with short ads for small silver-- that's okay when mixed with higher payout ads, entries for the Split game, or for playing Match game.

Before I even got started with CN, I watched the discussions. Even in the 'early days', earning rates varied considerably. It seemed to me the best way to avoid frustration was simply to try swiping a little frequently, and to swipe more when the payouts turned out to be higher. (I know the 'swiping frequently" method isn't workable for you, Hungry-Hog, which is probably why you seem more easily frustrated than most by periods with very low payouts. It takes an extra commitment of time and effort for you to be able to swipe at all!)

I agree with the comments shared and certainly understand the frustration with those long videos paying practically nothing. After doing this for some time, I have found that the best way to do this is to swipe when doing other tasks which allow for this to take place. For example, if you sit down to watch TV, you can swipe without much interruption and still enjoy your programing while making some gold.

In my case, I do a combination of swiping while at work and swiping while doing certain tasks where there is an inherent waiting component on that task. For example, on my job, there is a 25 - 50 percent of time spent waiting for the individual to share his/her need as well as wait for that person to respond to the information provided. I use that time to swipe regardless of payout (yes it was way bad for a few days). This has resulted in me being able to hit 100 gold on the account in question in less than a month (looking to purchase a new phone).

That said, I would encourage anyone doing this to simply make use of those idle times and not simply schedule time to swipe only since the payout per hour sucks if one looks at it from that perspective. Of course, not everyone will have a job like mine in which one has to wait for someone to respond or have idle time.

I hope this helps those of you trying to make the process more efficient. Like all of us using this option to purchase phones or pay for a cell plan, I do also hope that CellNuvo continues to remain in business and grows to even provide other options. That said, lets keep swiping in order to help them and ourselves in the process. The best of swiping to all!