So I Just Signed Up for Boost Mobile $25 Unlimited Gigs Plan

I had an LG X Charge that was ready to be pressed into service and plenty of CellNUVO dollars to spend, so I signed up for the $25 (usually $50) plan that includes unlimited/unlimited/unlimited and 12GB of hotspot.

It also includes 50 roaming minutes, per month.

I need another active phone line like I need a hole in my head but what the heck? Life is short. I like to have as many cellphones as I do pairs of shoes.

I ported one of my FreedomPop numbers that's really easy to remember and that was the only slow part of the process (it took from Friday until late Tuesday night).

My Sprint Free Year is ending on 1/31/19 and my original plan was to add this phone to my account as another free line but it was turning out to be more trouble than it was worth. And the free year no longer includes hotspot (although you can work around that with PdaNet+).

I finally decided to take the path of least resistance and go with the Boost $25 special and just burn some CellNUVO dollars.

It would be nice if this plan survives the impending merger. If not, I'll still have my way-cool grandfathered postpaid T-Mobile plan.

Congratulations! My wife's phone has been on Boost for two years and we have had zero problems. Hope it works out well for you, too (and yes, we're also hoping that Boost survives the merger).