So i guess I'm the first

I feel like a RingPlus I'm joining this group with the hopes that over time, together, we keep information flowing about RingPlus and if/when Karl gets a new low-cost/free service going, we can collectively stay informed.

Much thanks to hungryghost for this forum, and for Samara. It is a great app!

I'm banning EVERYONE!

Oh wait-- I can't do that, here.

Thank goodness!

Welcome @aleo101 and @Chelle. Nobody is getting banned here (unless you make me mad)!

Edit: Also, I just realized that tagging someone (with @UserName) doesn't work. This forum is very old-school!

hey :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I just got here! @hungryghost, thanks for arranging this forum for us RingPlus refugees. I swear I am not a terrorist!!

Too bad. I am going to miss RingPlus. I loved it so much. I left behind some dollars, but more than broke even overall. Thanks to @karl for his efforts in creating RingPlus offering a great no/low cost disruptive cell service.

Welcome aboard, all!

Glad to have a spot to come to... :slight_smile:

Hello everyone.

Hee hee!!:silly: :silly: Hi Chelle!!

Hey, @Seh-hee! :slight_smile:

Hello, Seh-hee!