So, have we been able to pay our tello bill with fool's gold from cellnuvo?

I am waiting...

According to @Christina_Tello This has been discussed and the powers that be decided not to get involved with CN or CN Gold.

Might be waiting a while. According to KentE, no 3rd party payments accepted. Too bad, I would be on board if they would accept CN gold like Sprint and AT&T.

It's true that Tello has stated that they've decided not to get involved with CN or CN Gold as a payment method..
As far as I can tell, the more accurate statement might be that Tello doesn't seem to enable any 3rd-party payments*. The answer Tello gave in this forum related to CN, since the question asked was about enabling payments from CN.
(*At least an attempt to directly pay Tello for another's account returned a 'sorry not possible' response.....)

Pretty much all mvnos aren't set up to accept 3rd party payments. Chances of a paygo plan are very slim.

America movil brands are the only mvnos I can think of as well as the off shoots of the big four like metropcs and virgin,.


What discount does cellnuvo get from redpocket? 50%? In that case why can't cellnuvo pay members cash at a 60% discount?

Broken record