Simple Notepad app with search-text

I'm looking for a simple, fast, Notepad app (for Android) with search/find text functionality.

The one that I currently use (Fast Notepad) is nice and simple, and really fast, it lets me backup files to Google Drive, and has everything I want - except that it doesn't let me search for text within a file.

Any suggestions on notepad apps much appreciated! Just so you get an idea of what I am looking for -- Google's Word app is overkill for my needs and it's also slow opening files, and seems to work best only when it has a data or wifi connection, which is a minus in my view. I'm really looking for a no-frills app, the simpler the better. Thanks for any suggestions!

I think Colornote might fit the bill.

Hmm, which particular Colornote app? -- there seem to be at least a dozen apps with variations on that name! Which one of them has the search/find text feature? Thanks.

There may be many variants, but one probably can't find one with better reviews than the one linked below. I guess it has the features you desire.

I use Inkpad Notepad & To Do List, by Workpail (the free version). It has a search feature, but it only finds which document(s) contains the search word-- it doesn't take you to the exact location, and it doesn't search within an already open document. I don't know that it's anything special, but it works for me.
It will also share to Google Drive, and sync across multiple devices if you want.

I tried one of the Color Note apps-- I can't remember which one, and can't remember why I decided to return to Inkpad, except possibly that Inkpad does 'just enough' for my use..

The one made by google.