SIM help

So im pulling the plug on ferocious jrs old cracked and broken speaker 4g phone and am going to swap it with another 4g working phone. the current one is tello the new one will be with tello. i plan to put the current sim in the new phone. will this work? do i need to deactivate the current phone for a while 1st or should it be an immediate switch over? if i need to purchase how long does that usually take from tello? will the old phone work while i wait for the bought sim or will he be without a phone until the new sim arrives? i know ive asked a similar questions before but that was when i was in the planning stages and cannot find the info now :\

The Huawei Union uses SIMGLW236C, or what we at Ting call the B4. No other SIM will work, including any from the old Evo phones. The Evo 4G and 4G Design didn't even come with SIMs, as they were WiMAX. The Evo LTE had an embedded LTE SIM.

Just get yourself a SIMGLW236C, and you should be good to go.

this is why there is a sim # but i cant find the card. will order then do the switch. thanks