Sign up CellNuvo on iPhone but earn credits on Android device?

Did someone say that we could earn credits using a different device? Would this allow us to use CellNuvo on an iPhone - by earning credits on an old android phone?

Oh, found it... :slight_smile:

mmfacemm actually got this working on an iPhone already and Chelle has it working on Kindle Fire.

I am planning to do it on my iPhone when my Ting credit runs out.

interesting... btw, can we port in to CellNuvo from Ting?

I do not know but am interested in doing that and in fact was planning on checking with CellNUVO in a week or so.

Yes I have an iphone working on cellnuvo and I am earning points via another android device that isn't active on cellnuvo.

You can fill out port info when you activate during the activation sign up pages. Should be fine going from Ting.

Yes, we did this with a line and it took 45 minutes from start to finish. Went super smoothly and very fast!

we can do this. email (I know most on here already did, this is for the new comers)

Those that are doing this will also be asked to join our closed beta for our iPhone app.