Sigh. Can't get to TV ports

As you can probably tell by now. I am trying to help an elderly person.

55 in flat screen TV mounted to the wall. Without a telescoping mount. And I'm trying to get to the audio port in the back

Any suggestions? She went for the cheaper one therefore it's very difficult. I just need to get to it twice. Once to test and another time for permanent placement

No easy solution. If there is some clearance in the rear, and you can find a drawing/picture of the input panel, you might be able to do it by feel.

Unfortunately, if not enough clearance , you may need to remove the TV from the mount in order to connect to the ports. If the instructions for the particular mount is available, you should be able to find out how to unmount the TV. If no instructions, then Googling and Youtube videos might be helpful.

Going to scrub that idea. Thanks everyone