Show All Threads in Telecom of Subcategories


Could you have all threads in subcategories of Telecom appear when going to the parent category of Telecom? As it stands with the recent change, it currently requires too many clicks to read all the threads as what used to be all on one page is now spread out over about 7 pages.

Similar to how the RingPlus Social forum shows all threads in subcategories of "Community" when opening Community, without having to click-through each subcategory to see all threads.

I did originally set it up so that the Telecom page displayed all the subcategory topics, but (as the comment above me points out), I thought that was kinda redundant, considering the Recent page lists those same topics (although Recent includes topics from the other non-Telecom categories, as well).

If other people are confused by this, then I may return to showing topics on the Telecom page, otherwise, I'd prefer not to, for simplicity's sake.

My vote is for showing the topics on the Telecom page.

I've gone ahead and changed the main Telecom page as you'd previously suggested.

So now the Telecom page will list all recent Telecom (and subcategory) threads. This way, if anyone wants to focus on Telecom discussions (minus the threads from the other sub-forums like General, Welcome, etc.) they can just bookmark this page for the latest Telecom-specific topics: