Should Tom pay us what cellnuvo owes us? (Orginal)

Since my orginal thread was attacked by trolls. I decided to start it again and let them have the first thread that they purposely made a mess out of.

If they do it again here for a second time. I hope HG takes appropriate action. Since their true motives will show.

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Should Tom pay us what cellnuvo owes us?

Then close cellnuvo. He can't get a dissolution if he doesn't? Is that true?

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I wonder if we could do a class action for fake gold points?

Would a attorney take 35 percent in fake gold as a down payment?
Would be easier if Tom would just do the right thing and pay us.

How could he get a dissolution? Answer you can not with outstanding monies owed

No. It's over. No amount of threads asking the same questions repeatedly, is going to change that.

Makes sense---A dissolute person not being able to get a dissolution.

It only takes one person to contact an attorney or a law firm and start a class action suit, although you are required to have about 20 more people in the wings who would also join the class. So you could start the ball rolling yourself if it weren't for the fact that it's highly unlikely you could find a firm or lawyer who would take on such a small case. But one never knows.

Can you sue for fake gold/points is the issue ?

Also what is small? Many lost over $500. Times that by total users or even $100 per user average.

Plus many are embarrassed and would not take part in lawsuit.

But if Tom has assets such as 2 million home. All depends if cellnuvo was Incorporated. Or depends how cellnuvo was setup. A lawyer could attach a hard asset such as that.

Question is who here would be interested in such a thing? Why start a hard process for no reason?

I understand businesses fail. Part of life. The correct/moral/legal thing to do is pay what you owe and get a dissolution.

You cannot get a dissolution unless you pay what you owe.

Another question is. Would Google play store be held responsible for hosting what could be considered a scam?

In order to have your questions answered, it would be best to talk to a qualified attorney or expert in such matters. As far as I know, CellNuvo was formed as "Nuvo, LLC" for legal purposes.

No support from 20+ people on this board. Then no waste time.

These people must of been cellnuvo users and hurt by cellnuvo I. A monetary way with screenshots of proof

Can I sign you up as one?

Looks as if you don't have a case unless you can get at least twenty people from this board or throughout the world who were hurt by Cellnuvo and who took screenshots of their losses, assuming a law firm or lawyer would even take the case.

I wouldn't qualify as a member of the class since I didn't lose any money during my time with CellNuvo.

Well then you benefited from cellnuvo. Hope you were one of the few who got a phone.

On that one point we agree. A lawyer would need 20 plus users who got left holding the bag. Until then no case.

You have experience with legal zoom? Since you were fast to recommend them.

The link was provided simply for some basic information about LLCs and dissolutions and nothing more.
I benefited from CN by receiving about one year of free cellphone service and nothing more.

He doesn't even mention this skeleton in the closet in his LinkedIn profile.
Just disappear? Don't think so in the internet world.
Key words
Tom mannix cellnuvo scam. crook. wannabe politician. Thief. Con artist.

We have no clue how cellnuvo was setup. As LLC? Inc? Ect

Not sure how to interpret this Nuvo, LLC stuff.

"This Privacy Policy describes the types of information Nuvo, LLC (“Nuvo”) collects from and about you when you visit our website, (“Site”), use our mobile application (the “App”). The Site and App are collectively referred to as the “Services.” This Privacy Policy also explains how Nuvo may use and disclose such information, as well as your ability to control certain uses of it."

"Nuvo, which also operates under the name Cellnuvo, is located in Chicago, Illinois."

So as far as I remember a LLC has less protection for the owner then a inc. So Tom could be held personally financially responsible.

More reason to look into getting what we are due

All this legal stuff is way above my pay grade, but here's an article that might shed a little light on doing business as an LLC versus incorporating:

Of course, there are probably infinite variables (and loopholes?) depending upon where the company is based, so as always, "YMMV".

I think this is one of the key questions here. Perhaps a slightly different take on it: were the terms of service of CellNuvo written in such a way that Nuvo was actually contractually obligated to deliver specific value for points earned or not? To me, that's question one, and question two is whether or not there is still an entity (Tom himself or otherwise) that can be "shaken down" to fulfill those obligations. Question three is whether you could practically accumulate enough participants and a lawyer.

I'm another one who will not be involved either way - I believe the amount I finally walked away from was between 2000 and 7000 of whatever it was called anymore (silver, last I was really keeping track). I had essentially decided the effort required to earn 10000 per year to keep paying for T-Mobile credit was not worth it anymore and I wasn't going to bother trying to get anything else out of it...that was a while before I found out through this forum that apparently the CellNuvo app was defunct and I was supposed to have switched to Swipir at some point. The amount of credit I walked away from is, to me, not even worth the effort of reinstalling the app to see if I can still find out exactly what that amount is.

There does not seem to be a desire by most to get what they are due.

Tom won/stole from all of us. Imho