Shock Treatment

A not very merry, but then a Merry Christmas. Putting up Christmas lights can increase one's electric bill, but not by that much.:slight_smile:

Wow! Two things really stood out in this article. First, it goes to show you that decimal points do matter. And second, you gotta love the author's opening line: "...a 12-figure electric bill gave one Pennsylvania utility customer the shock of a lifetime." (Where was that Tucson News columnist back when we were doing all those electricity puns on that other thread?) :slight_smile:

BTW, Spoiler alert below if you haven't read the story yet!

Way better than paying the original billion dollar amount, but I find even the $284.46 bill excessive! Almost three hundred bucks for electric in a month? - maybe they did in fact put up the Christmas lights wrong!

Wow, $284 is a lot, esp given that the power rate is 10.15 cents a kWh. Might be on electric heat/water heater/stove, using incandescent bulbs, and leaving lights and TV on all day.

Tucson average bill is $120.

$284 does sound high. Perhaps more was misplaced than decimal points. Perhaps this was a bill for a small business rather than a residential bill. Pennsylvania can get cold, and if one heats only with electricity, a $284 bill is not that absurd. The article leaves a lot of loose ends dangling. But eerie things might happen in Erie.

Good thing the bill was corrected and this person's electricity was not turned off.