Send texts to Russians for free!

As you know, Putin, like every dictator, censors information and open debate because he's a sociopath and the truth is dangerous to him.

You can directly send an SMS text to a random Russian at this site:

More information about the website here:


I can't imagine how it will change many minds* but even if only a few conversations open a person's eyes it is better than nothing. "Jaw, jaw not war, war".

  • Those in Russia inclined to obtain other than "official line" information already know how to obtain it or can be shown by their children/grandchildren's generation. The rest will mostly delete/trash it like car warranty or horny woman message/spam. User reports seem to point to the majority of those who bother to reply do so with anger / expletives, probably not fertile ground for a change of heart/mind.

Unless I'm missing something texting (SMS/MMS) to Russia is NOT free unless your mobile carrier includes it as part of your service plan.

Email & Whatsapp would be free. Is Whatsapp still not blocked or degraded to the point of useless in Russia?