Selling on EBay

Has anyone actually sold stuff on ebay?
How accurate is the perception that only commercial sellers manage to sell stuff on ebay and the rest of us merely buy?

I've sold lots of stuff on eBay. It's very easy.

I start everything at $1 with no reserve, even if it's an expensive item. It gets many more people interested in the auction and the price always ends up being higher than if you had a reserve.

I sell lots of things. Lots of good photos and accurate descriptions seems to work well. Do you research on price and be patient.

I buy things too. You can pick up bargains if you do your research and be patient.

Very interesting! Do you pay to list items on ebay or do you give them a % of what you make.

Listing is free these days. You pay a percentage when you sell - it comes out to about 8-10%. Then paypal takes another few percent.

Ebay does run promos sometimes so sign up for ebay emails and sometimes you get half off or fees capped at $10 etc.

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