Sandwich and a Bottle of Water for Free

Though I'm far from Texas, I've witnessed some small businesses in my area practice similar acts in different ways.

And on a completely separate note: This is in the East Texas reservoir area (Lake Fork), where 33 of the top 50 largemouth bass in Texas have been caught, and there are plenty of catfish, bluegill and crappie, too. I may find my way down there.

I'm not from Texas, either. Sounds like a good guy.

I work in an industrial area not far from a homeless encampment. One day I noticed that a local gas station/convenience store had a rack out in front that loaded with bakery products that said "Take what you need". I asked the clerk about it-- he said the products were no-charge samples from a bakery vendor looking for new commercial accounts, and they just decided to give it away instead of selling it. FWIW, the store is (at least) managed and staffed by mostly first-generation immigrants. They're nice people, as are almost all of the folks I've met from the homeless encampment.