Samsung Galaxy A15 dual physical SIM funtionality

Last month, Visible offered the A15 for $30 off with a coupon, plus I was able to trade in a working Samsung Galaxy A01 that was locked to an unknown carrier for another $100 credit. I decided to get one to test out the purported physical dual SIM functionality. Indeed, the A15 is dual physical SIM but with the limited testing I've done so far, it doesn't work the way I would want it to work. The way Samsung has done their dual SIM on the A15 is rudimentary - the primary is for calls/text and data, but the secondary SIM is mainly for standby to receive calls, although the secondary can be set up for "data switching" when the primary's data is not accessible. Furthermore, if you switch or turn off the primary, you have to restart in order to do a service provider update.

I was hoping that the A15 would be set up like this, which must be the way it's up for the S series (although you have to deal with one pSIM and one eSIM):

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Interesting, almost positive the Metro A15 I got is not dual pSIM. SIM tray had spot for one SIM and one micro SD card but I'm going to have to double check now. It does have eSIM, at least in the SIM settings it says so, no idea how usable it will be when phone gets unlocked.

What was the cost of the Visible A15 (w/o trade-in & before coupon) & did the $30 coupon require a trade in to apply it?

The pSIM tray on the Metro A15 is not side by side as pictured in your link. It is two sided so the pSIM & micro SD card sit on opposite sides with the tray plastic/metal in-between. I missed that the micro SD side may be designed to accept either a pSIM or the micro SD. Not ideal, would be nice to not have to choose between dual SIM or expanded storage.

ETA 2 -
Metro A15 SIM card tray is definitely just for 1 SIM. The micro SD side is shaped to only accept micro SD and not shaped to accept a second SIM and doesn't have any markings indicating otherwise.

Just a small side note: The most recent S series model I know of with dual physical SIM support was the S21FE in January 2022...but not all of them have it. (It's complicated.) Just a small piece of trivia.

The $30 coupon and the trade-in were separate discounts that stacked. Based on $30 off the list price of $200 and 6% sales tax, my CC was charged $180.20. I then got a $100 refund when my trade-in was inspected and approved.

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Seems to be quite a lot of A15 variants just in USA models.