Sams vs Costco prices?

Do you think prices at Sams is lower than Costco?

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I think Costco is cheaper, overall, but Sam's beats them on some items.

Well, if the yardstick here is based solely upon the price of a hot dog and drink, I've gotta go with "Brother Billy's Gas and Save" which is just down the road from me apiece. He offers this combo for 99 cents. And if you're a member of Brother Billy's super saver club, you can get said combo for 79 cents.

Well, this is a very good deal, esp if you pair this with the free 3rd item by completing the survey and revisiting within 2 weeks (e-mailed coupon end date).

You'd have to like Panda Express.......

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I'm really surprised and shocked by those ratings. Been hundreds of times to many different locations. Would have expected an overall rating above 4 out of 5.