Sale - $5 a month for all plans

Wow, nice! Only for first month, though.

Nice thanks

CDMA and GSMT still showing as full price. Some other plans are as well.

For the unlimited plan, I see $5 for: GSMA (AT&T?) and CDMAS (Sprint) and $60 for CDMA (Verizon)

RP support says it is gsma and sprint only. Despite there being clear advertisements to the contrary.

RP have really gone downhill lately. Strangely it occured around the time they bought freedompop. FP practices must be rubbing off.

I've looked over the Red Pocket $5 plan offer, and there's lots of unusual stuff. Clicking through, T-Mobile isn't available at all on some of the plans, even at a higher cost. (The 8gb, 15GB, and Unlimited.) (Verizon SIMs do show up, but not at the $5 promo price.)

The 30GB plan shows GSMA only at the promo price, not CDMAS..

Since it's Red Pocket, I don't know if it's bad page design, or if it's real.

Hey, Nth circler's, just popping in here to give everyone a heads up on two Memorial Day offers that are now live for Red Pocket. Feel free to let us know what you think.

Deal 1: Save 50% off your first month. Talk, Text & Data from $5/mo

Deal 2: Save $130 on the new iPhone SE with 6 months of service.

We're looking forward to any questions we can help provide some clarity on.


WAY too little AND too late as well.