Ryan Reynolds is now part-owner of Mint Mobile

I'm sure he can afford to pay any amount per month for unlimited cell service, so I guess it's mainly a good investment for him, and who hasn't wanted to own an MVNO, not to mention a Gin company. I'm not sure why this is newsworthy, apart from the fact that some of Reynold's 15 million Twitter followers may sign on to Mint Mobile. The current Mint Mobile owners may have thought: " Of all the MVNOs in all the towns in all the world, Ryan walks into ours with an offer we could not refuse".



thats pretty funny

I think all these MVNO are on a Dead Pool, the primary carrier can drop them anytime. :wink:

Red Pocket Mobile offers a better network at a better price - $23/mo for the year...with 15GB!
Check for yourselves and don't get out Ryan'd!
$30/Mo Red Pocket Prepaid Phone Plan+Kit: Unlmtd Everything+20GB 5G/LTE | eBay

That's a good deal, but Mint isn't far behind with 12GB for one year at $25 a month on T-Mobile. Does Red Pocket include hotspot usage with the $23 yearly plan?

Mr. Reynold's has been announced on the Mint website.


Glad you asked. Yes! Red Pocket includes hotspot usage for GSMA Android devices as well as both Android and iOS CDMAS devices for this plan.

Good to know and hotspot usage makes the plan even better.

We're here to provide the best plans for everyone! Let us know how we can help get you started. :wink:

Time to call Hugh Jackman, I guess.

Good idea, but perhaps Taylor Swift would also fit in with Ting. 85+million Twitter followers. TXTXT