Round & round we go !!

And all this going 'round in circles can make a person dizzy !!

If you bear with me a wee bit I'll try to 'splain what I mean, OK ??

Just posting to pass this info along in case there may be other folks here who are non-data users on a tiny budget like we are - which is our great use for Twigby.

Way back when, we each had a Nokia 2330 and wonderfully inexpensive services because what we needed were PHONES upon which to make CALLS - and those were truly great until 2G became history.
They were rugged, had superb battery life and were so tiny that they easily fit into a pocket.

Here's a pic:

We had those for years & were 100% fine with 'em - and then began the circular motions.

Before Ringplus we didn't even know about CDMA - and after getting into that circus it was all a bit hard to keep up with - and then suddenly it was gone - poof.

Fast forward to (almost...) the present time:
Once again we had dared to be happy, this time it was with Twigby services - it was just enough for a great price, that is until we recently found out that our trusty old CDMA phones were soon to become dust in the wind.

What to do, what to do ?!?

We owe some thanks to Visible because it just so happened that they enticed us with free new (compatible) phones along with the possibilities of getting $5 months for a while.

Having to replace our phones was unavoidable so we went for their deal, hoping to get some of those months just to avoid more of those doggone circular motions.

We ported our numbers away from Twigby and I got a single $5 month - my partner is on her 2nd of those.

Plain & simple for us older, low income folks - we seriously DO NOT need any data and can make do with just reasonable allotments of T & T - and $25 x 2 each month doesn't fit our current financial situation at all.

The happy next step in this merry-go-round:
Fortunately Twigby is having a superb deal right now with 25% off for new lines & another 25% off when you do a port-in, for 6 months - and the pricing, even for unlimited T & T is amazing.

So there I went - right back to Twigby, number & all, to get that deal.

The only hitch was with porting OUT from Visible, because the new Twigby SIM took one more day to arrive than the Visible billing cycle could allow & my account got suspended - which stops the porting until after payment & reactivation.
More circular motion resulting because one must pay - then chat in ASAP after the port completes to request a refund...are you dizzy yet ?!?

The good news right now is that the port out finished in minutes, Visible refunded as promised, and now I have unlimited T & T (with 500MB of data I will not use thanks to KentE's wisdom !!) for the full price of ~13/month - but only 1/2 of that for the 1st 6 months, and=>

When my partner's 2nd month is gone I'll have to do those circles all over again !!

Whew - I'm definitely dizzy from all that - but truly I am happy to be back with Twigby & the coverage is even better now, somehow, than it has ever been before around here.

There is a single aspect of Twigby that could be made better=>
They do have a referral program that hands out $15 credits, but they do not use a code.
This seems to be because they want to collect contact info by making those who are interested use email & account info - which kinda stinks IMO.

Interesting story. Thanks for sharing it.

I too miss the simplicity of tiny talk and text phones whose batteries lasted many days!

Thanks for your reply Biame !!
When we 1st got those phones SMSs were unknown - and when we learned of them and tried that function...

WHAT ?!?
Somebody must be truly insane.
Using a dialpad to make words on such an itty-bitty screen...really ?!?

But as great little phones, they far exceeded smartphones in simple usefulness;
The only Android phone that I might compare favourably was the LG Fuel (L34C) which was a little workhorse - that sadly was only really promoted by TF.
(But also incredibly easy to unlock & gain root access & mine still gets plenty of use, just not at all as a phone...)

My favorite simple phone is the Nokia 8310. Strange coincidence that the Blackberry I wanted to put on FreedomPop is also model number 8310.