Thanks for the video, which may explain why my Sprint phone that had quite slow speeds in the past now has much faster speeds since the merger, actually even a little before the merger was finalized. I wonder if there is a way to determine if one's Sprint phone was automatically switched to the romahome feature by Sprint/Tmobile?

Thanks so much! Do you have any idea if this will work with tello or another sprint MVNO? I would like to switch back to tello since their flexible plans suit my usage, but sprints coverage is lousy in my area.

It is not for the MVNOs.

But Tello is planning on making t-mobile sign up and sims available soon.

There are a few apps that will tell you what band you are connected to although I understand some of these impute it so some research may be required to figure out exactly what app or hidden menu is best for a certain device.

Sprint LTE bands are 25, 26 & 41.

My phone is on Sprint band 41, which, interestingly, is the Sprint band desired by T-Mobile that supposedly led to the merger. Not sure, but the merger may have switched my Sprint phone from one of its other bands to band 41, which accounts for the better speeds. Anyway, there was a discussion on reddit about the merger and what's going on with the different Sprint/T mobile bands, assuming the info is true.

Band 41 is going to transition more and more to 5G. So over the longer term, Sprint phones that don't support T-Mobile 4G bands will lose out.