Roach problems?

Saw 3 roaches in the last month. I initially sprayed some old Ortho spray whenever I see one, got 2 that way in the kitchen. Then, I looked into non-expiring solutions. Found out that Boric Acid tablets are the solution. Got a pack at Lowes for $5, laid them around the kitchen, bathrooms, and also placed some in the cabinets. The other day, I saw a 3rd in the Master bathroom. Found a dead roach on the ground a few days later. Looks like it worked!

The benefit of boric acid tablet vs Ortho is that 1) it is much cheaper and 2) it does not expire/lasts several years.

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Yep, just be aware that boric acid is toxic to pets & kids so the little bait stations may be a bit safer if you need to deploy in areas where they may be present since it takes a bit of chewing to get to the boric acid.

DE, yep, I have those too.