RIP Rok Mobile

It's more apt to say RIP RokMobile on Verizon.

One of their Verizon-network customers messaged me on my day off to let me know his service was just gone. No communication, no support, nothing. Just stopped working around 1:30pm Central Time.

Any Rok customers looking to get to a safe harbor is free to DM me or email me at if you're still looking at options. We're okay with being a number-parking service, and hopefully becoming your regular carrier.

How long will it be possible to still port out a number from an already disconnected Rok account?

I thought it was against FCC law for a communication company to close with people's phone numbers

This is not the first time I've heard this, but I went looking the last time someone mentioned this to me, and I can't find anything about it. Until I see otherwise, I think this is just a common misconception. They have to allow porting under WLNP, for sure. But I'm not aware of anything protecting phone numbers when a company goes under.

Remember, PrepaYd went under and took phone numbers with them under chairman Wheeler.

Thanks for clearing that up. But for if this company jus closed it's door. How are they allowing porting?

What happens if cellnuvo goes out of business. Our gold go bye bye? Its not really a cell phone company anymore? So another company cant take over our accounts? Hmmm

The company still very much exists. They're just not using Verizon as a network provider anymore, and any of their customers on Verizon no longer have service. They're still operating on 2 of the 4 networks, I think.

Their website says you can still contact them:

If you can get your account number and PIN, you should be able to port the numbers anywhere else, and I hope/imagine that includes one of Rok's other brands.

This is kind of off-topic, so forgive me for replying here....
Yes, our gold go bye-bye if CellNuvo goes under. It may be wise to judge the level of risk one is willing to assume, and to not accumulate gold beyond what one might use in an acceptable-risk period.

Use Google Voice as your main number and you won't have to worry about your carrier issued number or even if it suddenly changes.