RingPlus Social forum not responding

I haven't been able to get into the RingPlus forum for at least a couple of hours now. Every time I try I get a "504 Gateway Time-out" message. I wonder if it's because there's so much discussion going on right now about the current situation that the web server can't handle it, or if they have all their computing resources dedicated to the massive number of port-outs they're trying to process.

I support accountability. :smiley:

I get the message "Something has gone wrong".

Better late than never. :lol:

I get the message "Something has gone wrong".

Better late than never. :lol:

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This question is open to anyone who "knows" or has seen it answered on the RP Social... but now that Ting is involved... is RP still going to charge my CC for a month in 2 days when it is scheduled to renew (5lines)? What would be your suggestion? I've already been hit on 2 lines about 6 hours before they announced they were shutting down. :frowning:

I don't know, for certain, but I'm pretty confident that it will charge you. I don't know what plan you have or how much your time is worth to you, but if I was on an expensive plan I'd port to Ting immediately and then get the top-up credit, afterward.

If your plan is less than $10/month then it's probably not worth the effort of having to chase after it, after the fact.

Thanks, @Chelle... that's what I thought. It's the Member's+ 1/2 Mad Man which is $10.38 a month. :slight_smile:

Any port from R+ will get the $35 credit. You don't have to wait for the auto port.

Just start at the Ringplus landing page on Ting's site.

At least one person reported getting charged today, so you should assume you'll be charged in 2 days or even on the day everything shuts down. If the service is expected to stop at 5:00pm PST Saturday and there's a charge scheduled for 4:55pm, my bet is the charge would go through.

[color=black]Yes, I've gotten that same message for the last few days. Do you think it has anything to do with the impending shutdown?:dry: Maybe with the Ting migration, RingPlus has lower their technology resources.[/color]

Has anyone else noticed? The Social forum has become noticeably faster.

I wonder if this means there's less server load or if RP changed something (upgrade servers or optimized code). Either way, it's much improved from several weeks ago.

Appears faster to me. Why? Less load probably. Not to be mean, but upgrading servers and optimized code do not rhyme with R+. Yeah a few weeks ago things took forever to load with the mass migration and all.

I just used it and it definitely is faster than the last few months.

I believe it's faster due to lower server load.

Response times used to range from 4 to 13 seconds... most pages now load under 5 seconds.

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As you can see we have lapsed into the habit of making statements without supporting data. If you cannot quantify something then are you really able to discuss it?:unsure:

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