RingPlus Lives Again!

I have been switched to the Fluidcall International Plan!! Phone services back open again on the dashboard!! Long Live RingPlus!!!

Not for those who ported out - only ringtingers.

Maybe we are the beta testers for RingPlusPlus?

I had manually canceled each line as I ported out. I just happened to have one line left.

Strangely, it's already ported to Tello but is also active on R+ on the Fluidcall International plan. I'm not sure how that's possible.

With R+, anything is possible!

I see the same for one of my lines. Interestingly, it says "No Credit Card on Account", but there is one!

Like many others, I am not able to try this plan as a result of porting out.

It does seem like the strangest plan RingPlus has ever introduced. The announcement by Classifieds was beyond strange in the circumstances.

Fluid call for out going call is still active for our members

Apart altogether from the possible technical issues with having a number on two carriers there is no explanation of how the service is being charged.

Definitely very odd.

Stranger still is seeing the main site still up, but all stripped out...

This all really makes one wonder.

"Apart altogether from the possible technical issues with having a number on two carriers"

I thought Fluidcall was no longer working for incoming calls, so, for outgoing, shouldn't be an issue. I did notice mine still works too, but, not planning on using it.

I've got $37 in top up on that line, so that's nice.

well i have ported my lines to ting and lost my account. could it be reinstated?

I'm sure it prob like the mad plans and Fluidcall. You could only dial out and not receive calls. The VOIP company (RP+) is using your phone number as account number in the back end. Anycalls to your number, however, are being routed to your number at Tello. Cool to make prank calls to international destinations until your balance is used up!! :wink: :lol: