Rideshare test allowing drivers to set rates

... in time to compete with the machines.

Just as telsa autopilot keeps hitting stuff.

Would you trust a hotdog looking robot car?

Yep, it is a matter of time.

5 ,10,20 40, 50 years???

My guess within 10, more likely as soon as 5.

Well I guess they will need crash test dummy's.

I guess they could start with ex-cellnuvo users lol

The self driving concept will be successful when the litigation problem is overcome. If I have an accident I will be sued for X amount, if a multi-billion dollar company is sued it will be for XXXXXXXXXX amount.


Forget about last quarter 1 billion dollar loss, times by 10

We have yet resolved litigation of human drivers, yet humans are driving. Sounds like discrimination to me.

Sky is blue.

Have at it

Machines are people, too. (?)

One can only wonder what the future will bring. Will machines be afforded some constitutional protections under the First, Fifth, and Fourteenth Amendments as corporations are?

"Machines are people, too. (?)"

If they can be programmed to text while driving, occasionally engage in road rage, flunk field sobriety tests, and machinate like people, then they very well could be. Perhaps we need to mandate no-fault insurance for everyone, which would also cover damages to one's vehicle.:dry:

RR. Robot Rage

Easily done, just incorporate. Corporations are people too. :wink: