Replacement for XTV on Roku

When Roku removed the XTV and ChannelPear channels there were many sad trombones. Many of my friends asked me how they could stream live TV on their Rokus.

My first answer was-- buy an Amazon Fire Stick. But many were loyal to the Roku platform's user-friendly interface. In that case, I suggested the following which, in essence, turns your Roku into a Chromecast (of sorts):

  1. Go to and install the app on the Android phone or tablet of your choice. (Unfortunately, while the app will work on a Kindle Fire tablet there is no way to cast it from there to the Roku, so you won't be able to use your Fire tablet for this.)

  2. Install "Web Video Cast", by InstantBits, Inc., from the Google Play Store.

  3. You don't have to install anything on the Roku. It will work natively.

Connect to the same WiFi network that your Roku is connected to, then open the UKTVNow app and select a channel that you wish to watch.

(There are a great many channels to choose from. Please only select channels that you have the legal right to view because I know you would not want to infringe on any copyrights.)

Once the channel begins streaming, tap "change player" and choose the Web Video Cast app that you installed. It will search for devices that it can connect to. Choose your Roku and the channel will begin streaming through your Roku. You can even close the apps on your phone (other than the control box that will appear in your drop down menu) and the channel will continue to stream through your Roku.

For some strange reason you sometimes have to "change player" twice in order for it to work. It's only a minor inconvenience, however.

Note that UKTVNow allows you to change sources when multiple sources are available, which can be a big help if you're having trouble with a particular live stream.

If you're familiar with using a Chromecast then the process of using UKTVNow with the Web Video Cast app will seem very familiar.

If you're wondering if Web Video Cast will work with Mobdro the answer is no. The same goes for Terrarium TV, as far as I can tell.

Personally, I use Sling TV, which has come a long way in the past few years. The picture quality is excellent and it works well through our unlimited Verizon 3g hotspot. If Sling isn't for you, however, then UKTVNow could certainly be an option.

Also, remember that you can stream the 7 major networks, for free, using USTVNow (notice that it's not UKTVNow). It's legit because it's considered "antenna sharing". They also offer paid cable channels (for a monthly fee), as well, if you're interested. Add the USTVNow channel as a private channel in your myroku account.

I bought a Roku on a BF deal, and need to get it set up for Christmas-- I'm a newbie. I'll have to check out these channels, and this casting technique. (I don't have a ChromeCast, so that part will be new to me, too.)

If USTVNow is available for the Roku, and is 'live tv', what is different about UKTVNow, or the absent XTV & Channelpear?

XTV provided live streams of many channels, like Mobdro and UKTVNow do, for Android. Channel Pear also provides live streams but you could only select up to five channels for free.

XTV was possibly the most popular Roku channel but it used pirated channels and Roku shut it down after getting pressure from the Mexican government, oddly enough.

For many people it was their only source for live TV.

Most people bought Android devices like Fire Sticks and installed Mobdro and/or UKTVNow and/or Kodi.

For those who love their Roku devices, though, and can't afford an OTT service like Sling TV, Hulu Live, Playstation Vue, Youtube TV or Direct TV Now, this gives them a way to cast UKTVNow from an Android device.

Oh-- and USTVNow is only free for the 7 basic channels, via "antenna sharing". Additional channels require a paid subscription.

UKTVNow is free for everything. As I mentioned, above, users should resist the temptation to view channels that they're not entitled to view and only watch the ones that they're allowed to.

To do otherwise would be wrong and could lead to a very guilty conscience.