Renewable Rate for Annual Plans

Hey everyone and also specifically KentE,

I am near my end period for my 1GB annual freedompop plan. From this comment,

I wanted to make sure that statement is true for my plan. If it is, that's great because I would rather not damage the gel casing I have around my phone to replace the sim card. However, if this is not true then at least I will have a little heads up notice. Either way thanks for all of your input.

P.S. If the prior is true, any proof on hand would also be good to see.

Ah, well..... a couple of catches from my earlier comment.
The 1GB annual plan is renewable at the standard price, $49.99/year. (In my poor defense, I don't think the annual plan had seen discounted sales at that point.....)

AND, the only way to renew the plan is by purchasing from FreedomPop, which does require some type of payment method given to FreedomPop. Since I've never done it, I don't know whether the payment source can be removed after purchase, whether they might accept a one-time-use virtual card #, prepaid debit card, or Paypal.

Since the plan is entirely prepaid, it doesn't seem like there should be a real objection to a virtual card, prepaid card, or PayPal, but that would mean building a second set of rules for CC acceptance from their standard plans.

If a potential $10 savings makes it worth removing the case, then buying a new SIM from BB, Target, or Amazon on the semi-regular sales, then the questions about payment source become moot.
A new SIM/plan is $40 right now at Best Buy, but I don't know how long the price is good.

Fwiw---I recently ported out from my Freedompop one year unlimited T&T +1GB plan that I had originally purchased from FP using Paypal, and , if memory serves, there was always during that year a message on my account to upgrade or add another payment method, which I never did. So, if nothing has changed, a Paypal payment would be acceptable, and perhaps the other methods mentioned above.

KentE - Thanks, I didnt know there was another semi-sale. Just set one up for pickup in my area

Isamorph - Good to know if come next year they dont do another semi-sale. Im only staying because I use the data part only.