Relabeled beef stock?

I guess that's one way to increase sales... change the label and call it 'Pho'

Looks as if he didn't care much for the Campbell's stuff. We have a "Pho 85 Vietnamese" eating establishment nearby, and I think they they must be cutting corners and using some of this 5.5 semi-phony Pho broth, but I'm not sure what a 10.0 Pho broth tastes like.

You want the real stuff, can't go to those franchise restaurants in your local neighborhood. :slight_smile:

I'm very happy with my pressure cooker. Sad I had it in storage for 2 years before using it... it's so fast and convenient! So my diet consists of stuff cooked in the Instant Pot and then $1 Whopper (via mobile ordering). :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I make a pretty darn good phò and my friends frequently request it when I invite them over for dinner.

You can't used boxed broth. It takes time and love to make a clear but flavorful broth.

You would think they would hire a chef skillful in preparing pho to make the formulation of this magical product. haha

At least the instant noodle companies make an effort.