Referral Rewards?

For those still swiping, has anyone noticed if referral rewards are still being credited? Reaching end of month so asking just in case swipers notice it for this month.

Seems like the only ones likely to be able to track this would be those who have self-referred in a chain.

Not necessarily. Anyone who keeps an eye on their total on the last day of the month and sees an increase appear the next day would be able to see if it's still working or not. If anyone was curious.

But that would require that you assume the person who used your referral was still swiping- which seems increasingly unlikely.

People are still swiping. My question was for anyone who has been swiping if they have noticed referrals working.


No one I know is swiping.why would anyone?

Please stay on topic. As evidenced on "Split-the-pot" thread, there are some people swiping.


No one I know is swiping.why would anyone?

For the sake of research, how about you jot down your current total and let us know if it increases after the end of the month. Of course, you don't have to, but what's the harm?