RedPocket swap devices on Sprint network (CDMAS)

Has anyone successfully swapped Sprint (CDMAS) devices on RedPocket? If so, did you do it via phone, web chat, or email support?

Not done it but I think you should just be able to contact RP support any way you want and get it swapped.

I contacted RedPocket online chat CS, who insisted that I merely need to take SIM from old phone & probe it in new phone. I explained why that wouldn't work for CDMAS, but he persisted, saying that I should just trust him & just move SIM card.

Because his instructions are wrong, I'm not going to follow them. I plan to email RedPocket support with my new MEID & ICCID one day.

Switching SIM to a new phone will work for Redpocket Verizon, but not on Redpocket Sprint.

It would be hard to move the sim from my RP CDMA phone to another phone because it doesn't have one.