Redpocket flash

This is a good price. The 5gig plan was the same. I got it and a week later it went to $240.
Then the 5 gig plan went MIA and replaced with 7 gig

Redpocket automatically increased my data from 5 gig to 7 gig. Nice if them.

best phone deal on the innernets indeed. got tired of the cellnuvo and freedompop thieving rigmarole

using redpocket verizon I was able to use a free voicemail app called voxist. I like it better then youmail. Because after you setup voicemail on youmail. Even if you record your own message. It ALWAYS ends with "subscribed by YOUMAIL!!"

voxist does not do that. So it does not sound cheesy.

You can use the two above with redpocket verizon, Sprint, ATT (No tmobile)

Both apps offer free written form of the message received.

Redpocket is great unless you need customer service.

Holding out for the $167 (or less) pd. for the 2gb plan Dec. 2019.

Yeah redpocket CS was underwhelming and that's being charitable.

Received an email saying they are having another ebay flash sale (not sure if the previous one actually ended):

all 3 have unlimited t/t/d
2GB LTE - 14.58/mo any network
7GB LTE - 17.50/mo ATT/Sptint/Verizon
20GB LTE - 20/mo ATT/Sprint

I'm seeing
"Available on the GSMA, CDMA and CDMAS networks"
for the $17.50/mo. 7GB plan.

corrected my post