Redeeming Gold - are these the right steps?

So I'm planning to redeem the Gold I have managed to swipe up. Wanna make sure I do it correctly without any horrific mishaps, so decided to run the steps by the seasoned CN folks here -

Step 1 - take screenshot of Gold :slight_smile:

  1. Go to 'Store' - pick RedPocket annual plan installment.
    Now here, I'm assuming I enter my CellNuvo account number, since I don't have a RedPocket plan yet?

  2. In 'pay amount' enter the Gold balance that I have, correct? Or do I enter a different amount?

  3. Don't check 'include in my monthly silver goal' since I want to redeem the entire balance.

  4. Check 'save payment details' I suppose? I don't know where this will be saved but it looks like a good idea to check the box.

  5. Click 'start purchase'

  6. From what I understand, at this point I wait for an email from CN asking me for my Amazon account email. And then check (or keep checking) my Amazon account to see if the amount has been credited.

  7. Rejoice!

Please tell me if I'm missing anything, and/or messing anything up! Thank you folks!

I assume you are ready to buy a plan eg you have 99 gold and want to buy the $99 annual plan offamazon. If not then #3 will be different.

  1. yes
  2. yes
  3. 99 gold
    4.Doesn't matter i usually just leave unchecked
  4. yes might as well
    6a triple check details
    6b yes purchase
  5. Email cellnuvo support now with your cellnuvo account number, link to the plan and your amazon email. They will confirm. Then wait 10 business days for them to send you the amazon gift card.
    8 yes!
  1. yes

  2. yes cellnuvo account number

  3. any amount up to $100 per month

  4. I never did

  5. yes next time you do a payment account number stays in field

  6. yes
    6b). Take screenshots of last receipt with confirmation number. Some people take a screenshot of each page. All 3

  7. not exactly. The last payment then you send the email.. at no time cellnuvo emails unless they send link.

9). Mmmface beat me. So be mad!

Too bad too slow

Opps I wanted to give 1 negative thank you lol

#7 is very important for ordering phones or RedPocket plans through Amazon, make sure to email cellNuvo support so they know and can process your order.