Red Pocket

I moved one of the lines that I "supervise" to RedPocket Mobile. I picked up the 1year 500min/sms/mb plan for $95 from eBay or $7.92/month for what RingPlus was charging $4.99 -- almost a 50% increase in cost but, I guess, still reasonable. Clearly this user is not interested in much data. RedPocket told me that if the user trys to exceed the plan allotments, it will cut the line off -- good for no overages.

Note that I found out that an "eBay account" doesn't have much of a "dashboard" -- you can't see the recent calls online, but you can request that support send a listing to you... odd. Probably similar to the texts and data, but I did not inquire.

What?!? Stop on that one service or terminate your line? Better get that cleared up.


The service will stop -- not terminate your line. For example, if they exceed the voice minutes then they cannot make any more calls until the next billing cycle starts. They can continue texting until they reach that 500 limit. Sorry for the confusion.


Since you get to pick your carrier, I am considering the Gold Plan with 1GB/LTE and activate under Verizon.

Anyone have a discount code?

new $10/mo plan... 500/500/100mb every 30 days

I just wanted to chime in. I had to contact CS about a text we received from RedPocket. When I activated the devices I did not realize that RedPocket had given me a $35.00 credit on each line because the lines ported from RingPlus. So tomorrow marks one month with them and the year prepaid service (purchased from eBay) won't start until the credits issued are used completely up. Im actually surprised and pleased with everything with them so far. And yes I can confirm that if the data is exceeded the data will stop as this happened to one of the lines.

Red Pocket in now offering its services through Amazon.

Single month, six month and annual plans are available and prices are considerably lower than those of similar plans sold by Red Pocket on eBay.

Great new plan available from redpocket on ebay.

$60 a year for 100 mins/100texts/ 500mb lte a month.

Glad to see the focus on data for the low user.

All networks!