Red pocket visual voicemail? for moto e4

I am a optimist I think we will all get service back. This thread is about visual voicemail app for red pocket. So keep on. Subject please.

I noticed moto e4 does not have a visual voicemail app.

I chatted with red pocket. They do not offer one.

So my question is. What 3rd party app will work with red pocket?

I do not want to use Google voice and forward from another number.
I want simple. Call red pocket number. Leave a message. Messages go on my phone app.

Anyone do this? Maybe on old cellnuvo?


Is your Moto E4 that factory unlocked variant, the VZW version, or ??

Are you currently still on Sprint CDMA? or have you already switched to GSM or VZW service on Red Pocket?

Using it on tpo. I needed something. Been 3 weeks. No service

I use Youmail third party app for all things voicemail (including blocking numbers and spam) it works fine with redpocket

They have a free and a paid version

I tried today the you mail with tpio and the app could not activate with tpo

Correct, many (most) mvno's don't allow "conditional call forwarding" which is whats required with youmail. However, RedPocket DOES allow it. I've been using it for several weeks.

Broken record here, but I can't really imagine why anybody like (all? of) us who've gone thru RingPlus and CellNUVO's shenanigans would NOT have switched to a Google Voice number-for-life. Easy for me to say OTOH cuz my number is so old it's a GrandCentral number from before Google Voice existed. (They were the ones who acquired GrandCentral.)

Anyway, I got an idea while reading about Youmail...

I might install Youmail, set the forwarding, and NOT deactivate forwarding. Then just uninstall it LOL.

The only calls I need to know about are calls to my GV number cuz that's the only number I give out. Any call direct to my device number is either spam or some poor schlub trying to get ahold of whoever had that number before me. There's probably a simpler way to turn off all voicemail, though...

I'll give you one reason - latency. I've been using GV and it works perfectly fine for me when on Obi. When I'm using it on my cellphone, because of the extra forwarding (?), the latency is often higher than with direct connection, ...and I have checked it with all major networks. I don't see the difference all the time, but when I do, it's irritating. For that reason it's nice to have a real cell number that's known to at least some people, if only when calling them back, without GV spoofing.

I have google voice. Because of latency I give friends and family the direct number

Ty for this info. If cellnuvo gets this fixed I will try you mail

Is there any settings you would recommend?

Can anyone verify this? Does GV forwarding really cause latency? I've never experienced anything like this personally.

I was referring to my personal experiences, but I've heard people complaining... This is just a return from google search:

Just follow the instructions on the app. I would try the free version first. It allows you to set up 'custom voice mail for each contact' if you want to. So you could record one message for your mom when she calls and another for your best friend. It really seems to impress people. You can set a 'this number has been disconnected' for spam callers. or something mushy for you girlfriend. (GV has these features also) when you get a voicemail it can forward it to email, or send you an sms. Then you can listen to the message on your youmail app. It will transcribe it if you get the paid version ( 5 or so bucks a month) I also have google voice at home with an Obi 200 and have used it for over 6,000 calls. Works great and no problems except once a week or so I have to re-boot the router.

Question. I only see one youmail version on play store?

Is that the free or pro? How much is pro?

I did some testing when I was on RingPlus.
Latency tests are usually given as "round trip" latency via an echo test line, but I think it's more accurate to talk about one-way latency, so I've divided my 'round trip' latency results in half: (It also should be noted that a latency test does include a fixed latency component due to the distance from your location to the echo test line-- in my instance it was half a continent away, so the figure given for 'native' latency includes that long-distance component.)

Latency: native Sprint connection, without Google Voice: 140 millseconds latency (one way)
Latency: native Sprint connection through Google voice: 350 milliseconds (one way), or increase in latency of 210 milliseconds over the 'native' latency.

I did these tests on a R+ Mad plan (native Sprint voice connection.)
I know that latency on the legacy R+ lines varied by location, but my R+ lines were really very acceptable:
Latency: RingPlus 'legacy' connection, without Google Voice: 380 milliseconds (one way), or an increase in latency of 240 milliseconds over the native Sprint (RingPlus Mad Plan) connection. This was very close to the latency added by GV.

Many times the pro version, and the upgrade to pro version path, is contained in the free version of the app, which might be the case with " youmail".

Thanks I am waiting for Frasier1 to confirm.

I know you mean like Samara app

Yes, the one on google play is the free one. Once you set up the account they give you the option to go pro. (actually I think they refer you to the web site to upgrade to pro. Free works great for me! You can get more info at and youtube has several good reviews of it.

Ty for your help and time. Now can you work your magic with cellnuvo and get my redpocket account working

PS does youmail do the set for you or i have to do something at redpocket?

How did you test the latency?