Red Pocket Sprint

Can anyone confirm whether Red Pocket Sprint roams on T-Mobile? Seems Tello does not.

I dont think any mvno do

Redpocket has a free chat support. You could ask them

I would rather hear it from user experience instead of a sales pitch. :slight_smile:

Not a sales pitch

Support people.

OK, asked in chat...

Red Pocket Mobile offers services on your choice of any major US networks!

You should choose your network based upon the coverage you need and the device you want to bring. Red Pocket has 4 networks to choose from:

GSMA: This network offers the largest GSM coverage in the US. This network works with most AT&T-compatible, GSM unlocked and CDMA LTE unlocked devices.

CDMAS: Bring your own Sprint LTE or 3G device and most CDMA unlocked devices.

GSMT: This network works with most T-Mobile-compatible, GSM unlocked and CDMA LTE unlocked devices.

CDMA: This network works with most Verizon-compatible LTE devices.

Where can I check coverage? Go to Red Pocket Mobile Coverage and scroll to the bottom of the page to See Coverage for each network


Does not sound like a sales pitch :whistle:

If so he hurt redpocket

I have learned from experience to NOT trust what Chat reps tell me.

I agree that depending on the situation, some degree of skepticism is often warranted.


This is my understanding, too. If/when it comes, it's likely to be a network change applying to all Sprint MVNOs, not a single one. I also expect it will require a PRL and Profile update to enable it.