Reason for Optimism - NFL, Owners & Players in Dialogue

Although Trump has managed to rile up the bigoted snowflakes, the NFL stayed calm and engaged the owners and players in dialogue.

They've agreed that they won't force the players to stand and the players are saying they were listened to. A lesson for us all.

For those of you who still don't get it, go and re-read the constitution, read up on the history of civil rights, and realize you've been gullible enough to be manipulated first by Fox and then by Russian trolls (as well as Karl).

The constitution also gives us a right to burn the flag. I doubt the NFL would not be silent on that right.

They can continue using their constitutional right and I will continue mine, no more NFL.

Yes, burning the flag would be a step too far. Remember, it was an ex Navy Seal and NFL player, who approached Kaepernick and told him that taking a knee (instead of staying seated) was a more respectful way to protest.

I'm happy if people stay away from NFL games. Lower prices and more space. And the added bonus that I don't have to mix with hypocrites (not you) who have been disrespecting the anthem and flag all their lives inside and outside stadiums.



What one considers respectful is not the same as others. What I consider respect for our playing of the national anthem is: hats off, hand on heart, and looking toward the flag. I don't expect others to do the same but I do consider kneeling, sitting, or turning ones back to be a sign of disrespect.

I consider that the feelings of those offended are far less important than the reason for the protesting.

And I also consider the method they have chosen to protest was necessary in order to get heard. Seeing that the NFL and NFL owners have rejected Trump's request to make them stand, that itself is a victory and reinforces the constitution. Seeing that there is dialogue about how the NFL and the owners can support the cause of the player's, then that too is progress.

As history has shown, the path to civil rights is a long one. In India with Gandhi, South Africa with Mandela, and in America from Martin Luther King Jr to this day, there are always those who find a way to oppose civil rights.

At a minimum, those opposing the protests are selfish. At worst, they are white supremacists. Most are in between those two points of view.

I disagree.

Using the same logic you (and a not to be named other person) have used in CellNUVO threads that people who are not CellNUVO customers should not comment about CellNUVO:

If you're not an NFL customer, then why are you still talking about the issue?

Why do you attack the NFL and the NFL players?

1- I don't recall saying you should not comment about CellNuvo. I only question your motives since it was you that said "I stayed out of CellNUVO, even with an unused phone, because I didn't feel it was worth my time.", but continue to root for their demise.

2- I will continue to bash anyone that I believe dishonors our flag and anthem, what the players don't seem to understand is that flag and anthem represents the freedoms they enjoy. We all could be living under the control of a dictator or a government like Germany had before WW2. Many brave men fought for my freedom and I refuse to agree with dishonoring that.
I would love to be able to sit down and enjoy a football game as I can no longer play (too risky for injury). As I said before they could have brought attention to the problem that many face without disrespecting our flag or anthem. I still to this day go out of my way to thank any veteran that I see for there service no matter their race or political views, I may argue their position on politics and any number of other things but they served and earned that respect. I don't care for some of the things John McCain has said and done but I will still thank him for his service.

There are plenty of veterans who agree either with the NFL protests or the right to protest this way.

Do you ever wonder why they do not feel as insulted as you feel on their behalf?

There are veterans that agree with flag burning as well, but I don't. They have their opinions and I have mine. As I said before "I may argue their position on politics and any number of other things but they served and earned that respect".
I believe more veterans look down on sitting or kneeling during the national anthem than those that agree with doing so. I believe more veterans would agree that they have the right to dishonor anything they want but that doesn't mean they agree with the action.

But again, I ask the question. Do you ever wonder why there are some veterans whose opinion it is that the kneeling is not insulting them or the country but that it is a sign that the freedoms they fought for are being exercised. Furthermore, some veterans agree not only with the form of the protest but with the cause namely that there are many police forces and judicial systems that systematically discriminate against black Americans?

Do you have any intellectual curiosity about how such veterans came to the conclusions they did?

It would take years of studying to figure why veterans believe the way they do. Some say it's an insult to sit or kneel during the national anthem and some say it's not. Some veterans are liberal and some are conservative. Some veterans love America and some hate it. Some veterans would fight to keep the flag from being burned and some would join in.

I don't believe studying is required. Empathy and non judgmental listening would achieve an understanding in hours if not minutes. Everybody is capable of that.

The NFL, owners and players engaged in respectful dialogue and it seems they understand each other better now.