Reactivating app instructions

Got this email from CN support. I assume it will work for everyone.

Please download the new CN app, use the code "nuvo" and follow the
directions here: CellNUVO | Activation Help

CellNUVO Support

so no more use of activation codes to ab able to switch between accounted where points are earned? In another words, one phone used for swiping while same phone also supports earning points for another phone.

Hope this works for those who have been unable to re-authorize an app for several weeks & without swiping.
I know MicrotonalBanana is in that fix, too.

A quick look seems to indicate we'll still be able to earn on a phone other than the 'active' phone, since it asks to enter the MEID.
If this is the only way to authorize the app moving forward, it will remove any possibility of using earlier versions of the app after the existing authorization is broken.

You still can't activate directly on two phones using the same account. The second activation overrides the first like in the past. I think there is still unique code but it is done in the background. I tried it and the first device I activated did not credit and would come up with "incorrect hash" in the settings.

You can activate on a device that isn't the main cellnuvo phone easily though.

Seems like you can switch between accounts on the same phone using the same app. There is a message saying you are already activated but it lets you enter in a new code. If it doesn't work you can always clear data in settings to clear the app.

I'll give this a shot when I get home later today. Thanks for posting!

My MEID is only 14 digits instead of 18 and it won't activate for me. Anyone know why my MEID isn't matching the number of digits CellNuvo says it should?

How do we replenish our accounts with gold? I saw someone said red pocket easy fill now says "nuvo $5 plan" How do we get that? Do we contact CN or RP?

You need the DEC not the HEX It should be in settings

I think you're seeing the MEID HEX, and CellNuvo apparently wants MEID DEC. I believe for original activation, CellNuvo would accept either version, but not maybe not for app authorization.
I think you've got a moto G4, or E4? My G4 Play shows only the 14-digit MEID HEX, even in the settings menu. (Never noticed this before.)
I've tried these 2 sites for converting the HEX to DEC format, and it seems to work (converted to DEC via the first link, and entered DEC to convert back to my known HEX on the second link.)

There's only 1 listed, as well as a 15 digit IMEI. Anywhere else to look? I checked the battery and it only had the 14 digit one.

Will try this now. Thanks.

It worked! All activated in the app now. Will do the same for my wife's phone now.

Followed the steps, but upon activation of the app I received a completely different MEID and phone number, way different than my original one. Along with a new gold balance. Huh. I'm going to have to email support.

I have a LG Tribute 5 but the MEID on the app seems to be that of an Alcatel Touch, which is not mine. Weird.

I'd clear data and try it again. If it still comes up you will definitely want to email support about that.

Works for me.
Still 331 number though.

Yeah. Tried to clear data and redo it but nothing. Even tried it on a different phone. I sent them an email but I HIGHLY doubt they'll end up replying to my email. I've sent a couple in the past before all this happened but they never respond. Hopefully I don't have to email tom about such a small problem again.. no disrespect to the support team, but they ignore me :confused:

You are not alone in having requests ignored.