Rakuten removed my visible cash back

On January, I did swap promo when Rakuten offered $40 rebate. It was on my Rakuten cash back balance, but it is disappeared when I checked today.
Is this happening on you?

I’ve never had a balance disappear, I have had to communicate with Rakuten CS several times to prove that I used their site to purchase items from Visible so that I get credit for the cash back, including my latest Visible purchase of a ZTE Blade 7 Prime during which time Rakuten was offering $60 cash back. Don’t give up, email them proof, they’ll pay up.

Just wondering.... I've read that Rakuten will deny cashback to a Visible transaction that doesn't include purchasing a phone. Is it possible that a swap doesn't qualify as a 'purchase'?

Looks like Rakuten removed the cash back from 27th February when it was $60.

Don’t know why. You can try submitting a missing cash back ticket but doubt they will credit it.

One of the visible employees on reddit confirmed there was a big attack on visible using bots to generate a lot of these $60 credits. They had to cancel all of them to make sure they got them all. People were getting credited $60 for byod too which wasn't supposed to happen. Apparently that is the end of these cashback promos now too. If you bought a phone open a ticket with rakuten.

It looks like the cashback from the previous rounds remains safe.

This is why we can't have nice things.

I lost a $40 and $60 cashback on the two swaps I ordered 5 weeks ago. I'll see if Rakuten will credit them back but if not no big deal. I already sold the A3s for a profit...certainly for much more than I could have gotten for the crap I traded in.

Rakuten paid out on my ZTE Blade 7 purchase from Visible. I believe KentE is correct in believing that Rakuten will deny rebates on swaps but will pay up on phone purchases as my swap did not payout!

I don't see why they wouldn't give for swaps. They credited my byod.

There was just one time when they bulk canceled everything around when they were giving out $60 due to abusers.

Usually rakuten are very good at crediting cashback. Out of all of the ones I have used it is the one I prefer.