Question About Paying With CN Gold

Here is a question for the CellNuvo Pros here.......

I have 38 Gold and 650 Silver and, as an example, the current Sprint bill is $17.59. I wish to pay the entire bill from the accumulated Silver and Gold in my CN account. In the app I can only enter the numbers 1759 without the decimal between the 7 and 5.

Does this mean that I can only pay using a whole number such as $18.00 by entering 18 and let the extra be credited, or by entering 17 to pay the $17.00 and let Sprint get the rest via auto pay on the due date?

Another quick question.... When is the 10% from referrals credited? Is it on the 1st of the month or at some other point?


Whole numbers.

1st of the month.

1 gold equals $1

Your payment is paid in gold increments.

If you have a post paid account you will get balance as a credit

Many thanks for the answers....