Question about hotspot on Red Pocket-AT&T

Does Red Pocket-AT&T allow hot spot/tethering? Specifically, their $40/month plan that gives 20GB of hi-speed data on AT&T - how much of that data can be used for hotspot/tethering?

Edit - Also, does the $40/mo plan need to be purchased as an annual plan? Meaning, pay $480 for the year upfront?

Thanks for any info!

Based on their website details, Tethering and Hotspot is included. You will want to make sure the device you want to use would work with that (their disclaimer is "availability will vary depending on the network and device").

As far as the plan, I do not see it requesting a full year from what I can see (I did not take it out past the point of it asking for the name, address, etc).

I'd say chat with them to confirm.

Theres a 15gb plan on ebay $360

Thanks tech-stitch and Mark! I seem to remember reading that hotspot isn't allowed (or that it costs extra) on AT&T Red Pocket, but I could be wrong of course.

No problem. I recall reading something like that but for some devices (e.g. Ok with Android but not IOS). I could be wrong since it has been a while. A quick chat should do the trick.