Question about FreedomPop Sprint

I haven't been able to pay attention the last several weeks, so this is probably a pretty dumb/stupid question, but here goes anyway --

I got an email from Ting about my FreedomPop Sprint sim saying I have until Aug 6 to choose between 3 options. One of the choices is to do nothing, which is what I plan to do since I don't really use FP much.

My question is -- if I don't do anything, will that prevent me from using the device on say Tello in the future? I don't want to have that phone somehow "locked" to FP or be un-usable in some way in the future.

Thanks for any enlightenment on this.

I am doing nothing and hope it gets released. My phones are Samsung S3, so not sure it matters either way. If not, I know I can reach out to Ting to get it released.

I'm going the other way, and will ask Ting to cancel any lines I don't want. Since the devices should be released almost instantly, I'll be able to check and know it's done.
Some folks on another forum are suggesting also cancelling the account via the FreedomPop dashboard.

My old LG Volt released within minutes of saying no thanks and cancelling the FP side as well.

I don't see how cancelling a FP/Sprint/Ting line on the FP dashboard can have any effect given that Ting purchased all the Sprint lines from FP and those lines are no longer associated with FP or its dashboard, with the Ting interface now controlling them.

I agree. I was just passing along the thoughts and experiences of some customers that recommend cancelling at FP, too. . FreedomPop has frequently worked in mysterious ways, and it probably came from the habit of having to actually cancel a line at FreedomPop to free up an MEID-- not just porting out.

FWIW, my CDMA devices already transferred (but without formal accounts yet) to Ting still show in my FreedomPop dashboard, with a 'next billing date' listed, and an account cancellation option in Settings. It's probably just sloppy housework.