Question about FreedomPop AT&T

I have a FreedomPop AT&T sim on the Free plan. I don't use it much other than to turn on data once in a while. It has been working as usual but I haven't been able to pay much attention to what's going on, so can folks here tell me if there are things I need to do to keep it alive or something? Thanks much.

Nothing needed for now. They are running things as normal for the time being.

'as normal' means you should use 10mb or a few talk minutes via the app each month, to avoid account suspension.

Can't suspensions for non-use be easily lifted in the FP dashboard?

Yes, it's been easy enough to un-suspend the line via the dashboard, although I've found it often requires repeating the next day, or a few hours later.

But if you keep the line primarily as backup, it has failed it's utility if it's not working when you need that backup. Better to take the steps to keep it working, should you need it.

No action required for GSM accounts, other than the standard 10MB minimum as mentioned by KentE. Though you can easily lift the suspension online, most people find it more convenient to just power on their device and reach the 10MB minimum.

Also, we're planning to roll out a new offer as part of our recent acquisition which you can anticipate more details on very soon!