Question about Chromebooks

So I was thinking of buying a Chromebook, when I noticed that Chromebook keypads don't have PgUp, PgDn, Home and End keys.

That's is a bummer because I use those keys a lot on my laptop. Google said the solution is to use Alt plus Up arrow for PgUp, etc, which is too irritating for me. Are there easier solutions that folks here know of?

Thank you much for your insights!

I love Chromebooks and use them 99% of the time.

Unfortunately, I never use those keys so I've never missed them.

I know that there are USB and Bluetooth numeric keypads that include those keys and work with most any computer, but that would require you to have an extra bit of kit in addition to your laptop.

You could use a mouse with the Chromebook whereby scrolling the side scroll bar from the top to bottom is quick. Also using two fingers to scroll on the touchpad from top to bottom and vice versa is not much of a hassle. Pressing the Alt and up arrow seems not that irritating once you've become used to it. If you search the internet, there will likely be a few short cut tricks which may help to solve the problem.

Thanks Chelle and Isamorph!