Puzzling Pool

I guess no splishing and splashing allowed in this pool. In addition to the getting in and out problem, I wonder where the diving board will be?

I think I'll stick with my own bath tub, thanks...but considering that from several different angles it makes me wonder...:
Are potential swimmers certified (or made to sign a waiver...) beforehand so as to avoid any suicidal ones from taking a different sort of dive ??
(And what about leaks into the building below - that is an incredible amount of potential water damage ?!?)

I suppose a waiver about swimming at one's own risk would be in order, or having a lifeguard there at all times. Ducks and other flying creatures might adore it for its view.

Lifeguards with really good, 100% waterproof parachutes that somehow allow them to catch onto those who desire to make their final 'dive' ?!?

Reminds me of this adage:
You do not need a parachute to skydive - you ONLY need a parachute to skydive more than ONCE.

Hi ET I just sent you a pm. (GRIN)

Hi Als, thanks - I replied too !!