Puppy Wireless

Greetings everyone!

Does anyone have any experience with Puppy Wireless?
Their low-use Sprint offering is:
$5 per month which includes 100 anytime minutes, 100 Text, & 100MB Data. Voice overage rate is $.015 per minute, SMS overage rate is $.01, and Data overage rate is $.015.

A family member (also an RP refugee) is looking at them and this might be perfect for my Android phone, but I don't know that much about them.

Thanks in advanced.

Had a look at their site=>
And frankly any provider that wants users to join up BEFORE seeing their rates makes my skin crawl !!!

Anyhow, we're in good shape already with the several providers we've gone with and only looked out of pure curiosity during the time before choosing - and left their site in a hurry.

The only thing they ask in advanced is your zip code (like FreedomPop), you do get to see the rates and such before giving any personal details.

But thanks for taking a look. I was hoping people here might have had experience with them. HoFo seems to have mixed reviews.

I think it used to be run by the lady who ran kitty wireless which was a respected pageplus dealer. It was sold though so not much info on them. I wouldn't. Somewhere like Tello seems more reliable and you can get $10 free payasyougo credit right now.

"I think it used to be run by the lady who ran kitty wireless which was a respected pageplus dealer."

If I remember correctly it was set up as an MVNO by Kitty Wireless which at the time was probably the leading PagPlus dealer.

I actually bought a new phone from Kitty Wireless and it had an issue connecting to wifi (I suspect it was a software problem). In dealing with "Kitty" directly I was absolutely amazed at the amount of time and effort "she" put into to trying to resolve the problem. It was by far the best customer experience I ever had in terms of effort even though it did not resolve the issue.

Later I heard that "Kitty" may have been someone with a somewhat dubious history in the business under a different name.

In any event, Kitty Wireless as a dealership appears to have ceased operations under less than ideal circumstances for its customers.

I do not know who took over the Puppy Wireless operation.

That seemed to be some of the consensus over at HoFo, but since it's been some time, I thought I see what people here thought. I'll probably tell my family if they're that interested to go ahead and try it, but proceed with "ring plus" level caution LOL

I found this puppy forum

It has everything you need to know and the CEO of the company is on there.


Hello Everyone, my name is Paris Holt and I am the CEO of Unified Signal, Inc (OTCB: UNSI). We are a MVNO enabler in the ever growing MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) industry. We have decided to broaden our distribution channels and decided to start acquiring certain select MVNOs in the marketplace. As a result of this new business strategy, earlier this year we acquired many of the assets of Puppy Wireless. We did not acquire Kitty Wireless, Kitty Wireless assets, or employees of Kitty Wireless aside from Andrew Campbell who is now the Customer Service Manager for Unified Signal, Inc. We just wanted everyone to know this as it has come to our attention that there have been issues with Kitty Wireless and we don’t have any control or visibility into Kitty Wireless business decisions, however, Puppy Wireless is now fully controlled by Unified Signal, Inc. and not Kitty Wireless or any of their employees. From a Puppy Wireless perspective we are 100% DEDICATED to our customers. We believe in fanatical customer support and do the best we can to ensure that ALL of our customers are happy with their service. We don’t throttle data like most other wireless companies do and we value all of our customer’s feedback. Thank you for your time and feel free to contact us at 800-724-7164 if you have any issues with your Puppy Wireless service or if you have any ideas on how to make the system better.

Sincerely, Paris W. Holt"

Wow that's a great find! Thank you so much. Going to go read it now :smiley:

Thanks for sharing this--very informative.

"We believe in fanatical customer support "

What is it with these carriers?

It does not seem to matter whether one is dealing with Verizon, Ting, Puppy or any other operator.

None of them seems to use words in the way one would expect them to do.

Is this a reflection of "corporate culture", an attempt to be "cool" with customers, a basic inability to communicate properly in English or some combination of all of the above as well other unknown factors?

What we need now is Hamster Wireless. :slight_smile:

You know that Feb 11 was extended to Sep 21 don't you? :silly:

Richard Gere's MVNO.

This is really kind of funny...:

Just had another look & the problem seems to be that their site is not 100% Mozilla-friendly - I say that because looking WAY over to the left it tells me the zipcode is required - but there is no place showing in my browser to put one !!
I'll try anudder browser just to see it better, shortly.

Thanks for the clue Tardis !!

Odd, my Firefox it shows right in the center of the screen, but I'm on a mac, so maybe that's the difference?
I hope the other browser works for you :slight_smile:

Got into that whole page using Vivaldi well enough.
Saw very easily that Puppy is mostly oriented towards heavier data users.
Nothing there came remotely close to the attractiveness I found in Twigby, Ting and especially Cellnuvo.

Thanks for the pointer to the OP.
Helpful in reinforcing that we've chosen well in our RP replacements.

Everyone is different and has different needs :slight_smile:
I'm currently debating between the $5.00 for 100/100/100 (which my Mad Snow plan taught me is more than enough for average months) and CellNuVo. It's a matter of do I want to pay or spend time swapping at ads.