Public-pihole DNS

Just learned of this today, wondering if anyone here has used it.

Saw it in action on an iPhone. Pretty impressive and fast.

Still trying to figure out if it supports TLS (so far i think no) so that it can be used on android 9 or newer or just how to use on android (cellular) connection.

I have a (r)pihole on home network but may play around and try just pointing my router to their DNS, unplug my Rpi and see how it compares.

I wonder if institutions / public WiFi networks block it, have experienced that with cloudflare DNS.

Any tips, experience, feedback appreciated.

I would avoid if at all possible. Using a random internet person's DNS instead of a well-known or vetted provider opens you up to all manner of attacks because you don't know who is controlling the lookups on the other end. They can make any and all kinds of changes and you have no say in the matter, because you're implicitly trusting their DNS.

This is why /r/pihole specifically bans posting public IPs. They don't want to be seen as vouching for someone's private pihole.


I have been testing out adguard (& other) DNS on a spare WiFi router. Effective, I think safe but have only used it to connect streaming devices etc., not for things like online banking. In any case set up adguard DNS for elderly relative who is delighted with ad free games and that shows (like a soap & CBS news Sunday Morning) now stream w/no ad interruptions.