PSA Looks like the 5Mbps hotspot limit is back

Looks like today they brought the hotspot speed limit back. Iphones seem to be immune. Apple's walled garden working for the consumer for once.

I guess you have been some of those that has been lucky. Mine has always capped at 5mbps or close enough. Every once in a while, if within a large city where id get 80mbps or 100mbps, will the hotspot work a a higher speed (normally not more than an extra 5 mbps).

I believe they said the hotspot restriction was lifted a while back so you should have been unrestricted as well. Sometimes it needs a reprovision I guess. But seems like everyone is limited now. 5Mbps isn't too bad. You can get things done.

Maybe they did it for Covid-19.

So, I did some quick testing now that I am out of the house and got strong results from the device and 5.48 down with 5.20 up from the hotspot device.

Added an AT&T test at the same exact location $85 plan(the max plan with 100 GB of priority data - yep did the AT&T gift card thing and already got it a few days ago).

Link to info. re the "gift card thing"?

That would be this one: